Curriculum Vitae

Since 1995, Kai Baumgartner is a strategic consultant.

Born in Freiburg (Germany), Kai Baumgartner published while studying at University Kassel several IT related books at Addison-Wesley, Markt und Technik, Galileo Press and Sybex Publishing. He is an author for ct (Heinz Heise), Internet Intern, MX Magazin, PC Intern (Data Becker) and Internet Professionell (VNU Business Publications). He speaks and presents regularly at CEBIT, Hannover (Germany) for clients like Adobe (fka Macromedia).

As serial entrepreneur and active triathlete (since 1989) he owned and published the leading (in terms of internet reach) European triathlon online magazine eZine (1999-2010). The Ironman finisher is long term Chairman of several sports associations (NGO's, since 1998) up to state level (Hessischer Triathlon Verband, 2009), initiated (2004) and produced content for World Triathlon Corporation's platform (2002-2009) in EMEA and globally.

According to the weekly magazine DIE ZEIT, "one asks best (in terms of triathlon and Ironman) Kai Baumgartner. Scarcely another in Germany is so long and intensively with this sport in which he has been active for twenty-five years."*

Germany's most widely read daily newspapers, such as BILD, regularly rely on the long-standing analyst of the sport of triathlon for their Ironman Hawaii or Olympic triathlon features.

Weekly news magazines such as DER SPIEGEL and its offshoot Spiegel Online like to fall back on the active endurance athlete for their research.

He serves or served as Consultant or Marketing Manager at PowerBar (Nestlé Deutschland AG, Nestlé Nutrition, Nestlé SA) and introduced E-commerce to EMEA region. He consults various companies and startups in the area of marketing and sales, digital transition (all things digital) and served for several years as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in a growing and profitable company.

He's holding currently a position as Director Marketing & Sales and Digital Transformation in an operational European Private Equity Industry Holding with € 500m sales within their owned companies (2016). The holding has three established business units: Private Equity, Real Estate and Family Office. PE's focus are small and mid-sized family owned companies with or without succession plans and carve-outs from bigger .Inc companies. Sales and revenue targets for each acquired company range from € 30 - 500m annually.

He serves as Chairman and Co-Founder of (former) Adobe User Group (since 1999).

His philosophy of life can be summarized with "simple and active lifestyle".

*DIE ZEIT, weekly circulation: 498,439 copies, reach up to 2.34 million readers. BILD, weekly circulation: 1,687,717 copies, reach 12.31 million readers. DER SPIEGEL, monthly cirulation of 765,178 copies